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SPF 30g Cream Niacinamidg Face Foundation Cream Oil-Control

SPF 30g Cream Niacinamidg Face Foundation Cream Oil-Control

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Anti-UV Facial Moisturising Cream


Containing a combination of 5X ceramides and 8D hyaluronic acid, it provides intensive hydration and strengthens the skin, making it more resistant to external irritants.

It is specially formulated with 5% niacinamide to brighten the skin, even out the complexion, and gradually make the skin fair and supple.

Additionally, it is formulated with physical sunscreen ingredients to help the skin resist UV damage, preventing sunburn, redness, and tanning.

Facial Moisturizing + UV Protection + Oil Control 3-in-1

3-second film formation, SPF +86%

8 hours+ continuous hydration

After using moisturizer and then sunscreen, do you encounter the following situations?

Greasy feeling

Heavy sensation

Makeup caking

Prone to acne

Simplify skincare, moisturize + UV protection + oil control all in one step

Give your skin an easy summer

A formula specially developed for all skin tones

No need to worry about white cast

9 out of 10 consumers

Agree that it seamlessly blends into all skin tones.

One bottle = moisturizer + sunscreen

Soft and skin-friendly

Instantly nourishing

Waterproof and sweatproof


Resists UV

Defends against skin aging, sunburn, and tanning

Facial moisturization + UV protection + oil control 3-in-1

Facial moisturization

8 hours+ continuous hydration

Lightweight airy UV protection

Fresh and non-greasy, not heavy, stuffy, or sticky

Oil control and balance

3-phase microcapsule emulsion technology, absorbs oil without absorbing water, efficiently controls oil, maintaining skin's oil-water balance.

A good formula relies on good ingredients

5X Ceramides, Skin Resistance +96%

Repairs skin barrier, strengthens skin's resistance

Ceramide AP

Smoothes the stratum corneum, making skin even, clear, and radiant

Ceramide AS

Forms an effective barrier on the surface of the stratum corneum, preventing moisture loss

Ceramide NP

Diminishes blemishes, improves dull skin tone

Ceramide EOP

Inhibits active sebum secretion, maintaining skin's oil-water balance

Ceramide NS/Ceramide NG

Enhances skin's moisture absorption rate and retention capacity

8D Hyaluronic Acid, Skin Hydration +99%

Intensive Moisturization, 8 Hours+ Continuous Hydration

8D Hyaluronic Acid

8 types of hyaluronic acid molecules of varying sizes form a hydration-locking-storage cycle system, providing continuous hydration

Conventional Hyaluronic Acid

Can only hydrate the surface, leaving the skin's underlying layers still dry and lacking moisture

3-second rapid film formation, SPF +86%

Bio-dimensional and porous sunscreen film

UV protection

Skin-friendly and breathable

No greasy or stuffy sensation

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Cleanse the skin

Step 2: Apply toner and essence for skincare

Step 3: Take an appropriate amount of this product, evenly apply it to the face and neck, massage until fully absorbed.

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