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AUQUEST Breast Enlargement Essential Oil Frming

AUQUEST Breast Enlargement Essential Oil Frming

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Effect: Increase breast elasticity, improve breast flat, flabby, sagging

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Herbaceous Breast Booster Oil


Our Herbaceous Breast Booster Oil is a favorite for promoting optimal breast health. Several kinds of herbal oils like Evergreen, Plantain, Red Clover Blossom are  infused in this Herbaceous Breast Booster Oil to help nourish breast skin. Massage your breast with this oil can promote lymph movement and enlarge breast size. In addition to its healing effect, a touch of rosemary essential oil is added for the fragrance.


Breast size increase;

Breast firming;

Promote lymph movement;

Soften breast skin;

Maintain breast health.


1.Clean breast skin;

2.Add Herbaceous Breast Booster Oil on your palm and the rub your palms until they feel warm;

3.Gently massage the oil onto breast skin in inward and upward circular motion.

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