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AUQUEST 72pcs Acne Patch Invisible Acne Removal

AUQUEST 72pcs Acne Patch Invisible Acne Removal

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AuQuest Invisible Pimple Cover Patch 72pcs

Invisible & Water-proof, For day and night

The acne patch can absorb excessive oil secreted by acne, eliminate skin inflammation, and also protect skin to reduce infection.When the pimple and acne drive you crazy, you can try this Invisible Pimple Cover Patch. It is made of Hydrocolloid Dressing which is friendly to all kinds of skin.Its main ingredients include tea tree oil, calendula and rosemary. Tea tree oil can prevent inflammation and acne, balance oil and water, relieve skin and promote wound healing.CalendulaNourish skin, shrink pores.RosemaryAnti-oxidant, fade acne scars.The acne patches can absorb pus and oil in the pimple to get the healing accelerates and prevent infection. Different sizes of patch can fit different size of pimples. It can be used in both day and night for it’s almost invisible and you can even do makeup on it.

AuQuest Invisible Pimple Cover Patch

Our product is designed as round-shaped and invisible pimple patch, which can effectively remove acne and is friendly to skin.

Physically absorb the secretion of acne effectively, help smooth acne skin

Seperate to protect





Remove pimples

Compeletely cover on the surface of acne to protect it from contacting the external pollutants and prevent acne degradation. Use before makeup.

Main ingredient:

Tea tree oil

Anti inflammation and acne, balance grease and moisture, sooth skin, promote wound healing.


Nourish skin, shrink pores.


Anti-oxidant, fade acne scars.

Conditioning for 24h, easily remove acne

Invisible and water-proof, For both day and night,Convenient to use


1.Clean and dry your skin;

2.Pick the patch that is bigger than the spot and stick the patch on the top of it;

3.Keep the patch stick on the spot for 5-24 hours;

Remove the patch as soon as it changes its color to white and replace with another one if necessary.

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