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120pcs/bag Matte Press On Nail Tips Soft Full Cover Oval Almond Sculpted

120pcs/bag Matte Press On Nail Tips Soft Full Cover Oval Almond Sculpted

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Size: Matte nail tips

Application: Finger

Nail Length: 26

Nail Width: 13

Material: Acrylic

Quantity: 120

Model Number: Press On naFULL MATTE TEXTURE - Why choose nail tips? Choosing upgraded double sides full frosted texture, the gel nail tips feature stronger adhesion, better fitting your natural nails. Using this acrylic nail tips, you can enjoy the privilege of " NO NEED FILE, NO NEED BASE COAT ". No worry that your nails will become thinner and uglier due to polishing, providing better care for your nails. Without base coat, you also can get the manicure effect you want, saving time and money.

SOFT GEL DESIGN - The gel tip is made of high-quality soft gel material, with strong toughness and malleability, not easy to break. No matter how you twist, it will return to the original shape in a few seconds. The no crease design also makes it color more evenly, easier to DIY your ideal nail art effect. The soft gel full cover nail tips can use together with nail polish, color gel, dipping powder, etc., adding a bright color to your life.
NATURAL FIT EFFECT - Our soft gel tips feature " Thin back edge, thick front edge". The thinner back edge can make the full nail tips fit your nails better, which will not make you feel uncomfortable. Also, the clear nail tips are more breathable, which will not cause burden and pressure on your fingers; The thickened front edge makes it not easy to break or bend, having longer lifespan. Just like your natural nails, do whatever you want!

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